Capturing the Western Art Experience in Paintings and Pencil

Last year the world of western art was an exciting one for me. It opened up new experiences and opportunities that allowed me to show my art to more audiences and collectors. I met lots of new people, some who have become my friends. They have been so generous in sharing their knowledge and experience, for which I am most grateful.

And now, here is my favorite drawing of last year.

Let’s Go Home by Annette Randall
pencil, 16 x 16 inches ©2014

Let’s Go Home was a chance for me to really get into the details of both the figure and the horse, plus all the tack the horse was wearing. Meeting people like Tony, the cowboy in this drawing, was so rewarding. With this drawing I explored relationships between light and dark, textures and composition, bringing all of it to a finished piece that gives the viewer a feeling of being there in the moment. 

Pencil is a wonderful, versatile yet humble medium that I am drawn to again and again. After finishing an oil painting it's like a vacation for me to be able to sit at my drafting table with freshly sharpened pencils and start a new composition.

I look forward to 2015 being full of new opportunities to share my art with you, and I hope you'll come back to visit often.

  Original western art

“There is something about drawing a horse that brings me more satisfaction than any other subject.”Annette Randall

The Sorting Pen by Annette Randall
pencil, 15 x 22 inches ©2014

I'm pleased to offer these and other original pencil drawings. Look for more coming in 2015!

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Out Of The Gate by Annette Randall
Pencil, 16 x 22 inches ©

"My friend just absolutely loved the pencil sketch.  I knew she would.  The lighting was dim when I gave it to her and she really thought it was a photograph.  I sent her a link to your website and she was amazed at your talent.  You make that paper come alive! Any way we both just love your work.  It does some weird thing to my heart when I look at it."      Jeremy L, ID

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