Capturing the Western Art Experience in Paintings and Pencil


Out Of The Gate by Annette Randall
Pencil, 16 x 22 inches ©


“Out Of The Gate” has been accepted into the 90th Annual Spring Salon, held at the Springville Museum of Utah. It’s a yearly event featuring select Utah artists. I’m very honored to be invited to participate.

The show opens April 23, 2014 and runs through July 6th. If you are in the area, be sure to drop by for the gala opening on April 23rd. Mingle with the artists, enjoy art, refreshments and the awards ceremony. This year celebrates the 90th Anniversary of the Springville Museum of Art's long held tradition of nurturing artistic excellence throughout the state.

For more information, please contact the museum:

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Hurry Up And Wait by Annette Randall
pencil, 13 x 22 inches ©2013

Hurry Up And Wait depicts three well-seasoned roping horses, tied to the trailer and waiting patiently for their turn to participate in the jackpot team roping event. The cowboys have them saddled and ready to go. Now they just have to wait, and even though there's lots of excitement in the air, the horses waste no energy by moving around. Nervous but relaxed, they are experienced and know there will be plenty of action coming up. This ain't their first rodeo!

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Western ART oil paintings

Move To Summer Range by Annette Randall,
oil, 22 x 28 inches ©2013

Move To Summer Range is the first of a series of cowboy portraits I have in the works at my studio here in northern Utah. This painting was done in the early springtime, when the grass and trees were lush and green – just right for turning out cows and calves for grazing. I’m always amazed at how beautiful the range lands of Idaho and Montana are this time of year.

A cowboy’s work is done under the big sky, in the shadows of high mountains and mesas. Trying to capture that big feeling is a little daunting for me sometimes. The day I went out to do the study for this painting was spectacular – blue sky with dark clouds gathering, and the high peaks still covered with snow. It was a very rewarding day riding along with those cowboys and watching them work.

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