About The Artist

Capturing the Western Art Experience In Paintings And Pencil

Annette Randall’s love for horses and the West is apparent in her detailed and accurately rendered pencil drawings and oil paintings. Largely self-taught but always a student, Annette started drawing horses as a child, eventually developing a drawing technique all her own and later moving on to oils. She now works in both mediums.

Annette sketches and paints on location, supplementing with reference photos for studio work. This approach allows her to capture the freshness of the scene while saving accurate reference material for work in the studio.

Born and raised in Utah, but with ties to family in western Montana, Annette maintains friendships with ranchers in both areas who provide her with the resources and authenticity she needs to create accurate drawings and paintings.

Annette has received a number of professional awards for her work and continues to push herself to improve and to inspire collectors everywhere. She currently resides with her husband in the Cache Valley of northern Utah, where her studio is located.

Invitational Shows

2010 America’s Horse In Art Show

2010 Equine Dream Art Show, Western States Horse Expo

2012 Art Equinus V

2012 America’s Horse In Art Show

2013 America’s Horse In Art Show

2013 Mountain Oyster Club Show and Sale

2014 America’s Horse In Art Show

2014 90th Annual Spring Salon, Springville Museum of Art

2014 Traces Of The West Art Show

2014 Mountain Oyster Club Show and Sale

2015 Icons Of The West Exhibition

2015 Traces Of The West Art Show

2015 America’s Horse In Art Show

2015 Bosque Art Classic, Clifton TX

2015 Mountain Oyster Club Show and Sale


"I received the prints yesterday - they are beautiful.  Can't wait to give one to my friend and get mine framed and up on the wall! (this print is so lovely - it brought tears to my eyes when I opened it)”     Sally W, WI

“My girlfriend just absolutely loved the pencil sketch. The lighting was dim when I gave it to her and she really thought it was a photograph.  I sent her a link to your website and she was amazed at your talent.  You make that paper come alive! We both just love your work.  It does some weird thing to my heart when I look at it.”  Jean L, ID

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