Baby Horses In Paintings

18 x 14 inches

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ORIGINAL - 24 x 20 inches framed        $900

What can be cuter than baby horses? If you love horses, it’s no contest. I look forward springtime when the new crop of foals begins to appear in my area. It’s the hallmark of spring to drive down the road and see the first mare with a new baby grazing in a pasture.

The curiosity of a young horse is often amusing. I’ve watched many times as a foal got a little too adventurous and ended up scaring himself. With a buck and a squeal he’d run back to the safety of mama. Colts are always playing pretend games of “who’s the boss”, “pester Mama” and “who can run fastest”. I guess that’s how they learn to be horses.

Curious depicts a young foal venturing away from his mama to see what’s out there. Ears pricked forward, he bravely sets out to investigate whatever has raised his curiosity…until Mama notices he’s missing and with a whinny, calls him back to her side.

When I was growing up I helped my dad raise several foals, and a few years ago I had the rewarding opportunity of assisting in the birth and imprinting of my own mare’s baby. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

This old timer knows baby horses

Gale was a seasoned old cowboy who lived near us when my mare was due to give birth. I went to his place many times over the years to watch him assist his mares deliver their foals. He had a unique method of imprinting the babies within the first half hour of birth. So when he offered to come and be a nurse with my mare I jumped at the chance.

When my mare went into labor he was there. After the birth he showed me how to help him handle the baby while the mom was still a little woozy. It was so interesting to see. He’d hold a leg, a hoof, the tail, and the baby would struggle. The instant he stopped, Gale let go, and from then on, you could handle that part of the horse’s body and he wouldn’t resist. He said it was like programming a computer, and it sure seemed to work.

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