Cache Valley UT - Lessons From The Move

Our recent move to Cache Valley UT reminds me of the Mark Twain quote: "I have been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened". When my husband and I decided to sell our house in Morgan and move to Cache Valley in northern Utah, we imagined all sorts of scary things that might happen.

It was a huge change for us as we'd lived in Morgan for 34 years. My husband is a fourth generation farmer that goes back to pioneer days. He’s never lived anywhere but Morgan, and it was very hard for him to leave.

But our reasons for moving were sound, and we determined to press on despite the fears. Deciding to move at all was the biggest hurdle.

All Those Fears And Worries

It was late fall before we were ready to put out the sign. We worried that it was too late in the year to get a quick sale (or a sale at all), or that no one would come and look at our house.

We worried that we wouldn’t be able to find a place to rent in a college town after school had started. What if we couldn’t find a place that would allow dogs? What if we didn't like Cache Valley?

My artist fears arose. Where will I paint? What about the lighting and windows? Will there be a room I can use for a studio in the rental house? Where am I going to put all my stuff?

I wondered about my art contacts and suppliers I was used to using. Did Logan even have such places? Then I realized that most of the things I need for my art business I get on the internet, so maybe I didn’t need to fret about it so much.

My husband said, “what about all the friends we’re leaving? The people we’ll never see again, like the ones you meet in the grocery store or at the gas station and say hi to?” He was having a hard time with that.

I mentioned it to my daughter who has moved many times, and she said, “well, you just make new friends at your new place and say hi to them in the grocery store and at the gas station!” Sound advice.

Look at my view! Maybe moving to Cache Valley was worth it after all.

Things That Actually Happened

We put the For Sale by Owner sign out on the lawn got a full price offer in two days! Actually, once we decided to move, things started falling into place much faster than we imagined. We knew we were doing the right thing, so we began letting go of the fears and trusting our decision to move.

We started packing boxes and put them out in the garage. Instead of one big push to pack and get out, we did it a little at a time, and before we knew it, the house was empty except for essentials and things like our couches and bed.

We contacted our adult kids and told them to come and get any of their stuff that was stored in our basement…or else! That motivated them and they helped move many boxes to the garage when they visited, which was a great help.

And guess what? By trusting our instincts, letting go of fear of the unknown, and expecting things to work out, they did! Most of the scary things we imagined didn’t happen at all. Help came to us in many ways, seen and unseen, and our move was positive, even joyful.

New friends and acquaintances have been made, new routines established, new art contacts have been found. Best of all, the house we rented has a studio room with a wonderful view of the Wellsville mountains, as you can see here. We are truly blessed and I hope to share my new art adventures in Cache Valley with you soon!

Cache Valley and the Wellsville Range in its summer glory - right from my window!

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