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draft horse breeds - Veteran
VETERANS – Graphite Pencil Drawing
15 x 11 inches

24¼ x 19½ inches framed

ORIGINAL   $1500

Giclée print on Fine Art paper
Open Edition print, signed by artist

15¼” x 11” signed open edition
12" x 9" open edition



Draft horse breeds are one of my favorite subjects to draw and paint. I’ve been fortunate for years to have a good friend and neighbor, Dale Thurston, who raises Clydesdales near where I live. Dale has a herd of Clydesdale mares and a couple of stallions, so every spring there is a new crop of foals to draw or paint. I like to draw and paint all types of draft horse breeds, but it's sure handy to have him around. He uses his well-trained draft horses for part of his farming operation, and has sold some of them to Budweiser and other outfits. You could always count on him to have a have a wagon and team for a hay ride or parade. Often his wife would accompany him, sitting next to him on the wagon seat under a blanket. One of my fondest memories was seeing them dressed up as Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, driving their team in the Christmas parade with a wagon full of excited kids, throwing candy to the kids lining the street as the big draft horses clopped along, the bells on their harness jingling merrily. (detail)

Dale had a big open hay barn just up the street from our house. In winter he would drive his draft team up to the barn every day to get hay for his cows. One summer the neighbor was burning ditches and his fire got out of control. It burned straight to the hay barn and burned it down. It was full of hay and smoldered for days before they could put it out. But before it burned down and he stopped getting hay for feeding cows from there, I never tired of hearing his team clopping down the road past my house, the bells on their harness jingling.

draft horse breeds do the job

This drawing shows Dale doing what he did every day – hitch up the team to feed cows. The mare in the drawing was very pregnant; in fact, she had her foal the next day. I had to adjust my drawing so she didn't look so fat! I named the drawing “Veterans” because both of them had a long friendship and history together. He loved his draft horses. Dale passed away in January at the age of 84 while moving cows on his four-wheeler. I’ll miss him and his Clydesdales, and this draft horse art work is a tribute to him and others like him who keep the tradition of owning and using draft horses alive.

Dale was an avid reader of the Draft Horse Journal, and when he died, they did a small write-up about him and included this picture. I was honored!

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