Dressage Horse Drawing And
Hunter Under Saddle

dressage horse drawing - Goal Is Perfection
THE GOAL IS PERFECTION – Graphite Pencil Drawing by Annette Randall
11 x 15 inches

18½ x 23 inches framed 


Giclée print on Fine Art paper
Limited edition of 100 S/N

11X15"          $70


Trying my hand at creating a dressage horse drawing was a new direction for me, but it was a good learning experience and something I really enjoyed doing. This was a change from my usual western art theme, and I had a lot of fun learning about English riding and dressage horses. Living in the West, there aren’t a lot of English riders to observe and draw, but there are some local English riding events, so I know they’re out there! I went to some area horse shows that had English riding events and watched the competition. I studied the horse’s tack and the riders' horsemanship techniques, and asked a lot of questions of both riders and trainers.

A friend introduced me to a local trainer who worked with dressage horses and hunters. I was able to get some hands-on information that helped improve my understanding of English riding, and how I would go about drawing dressage horses and the hunter under saddle. There is a difference, I learned. I spent the day observing and listening, thinking about just what I would draw. Being able to touch and get close to these highly trained animals, and seeing them in action was inspiring. There were a couple of horses that really caught my eye. In the end I decided to draw the hunter under saddle. (detail)

The resulting drawing is a portrait of this athletic horse and his female rider, trying her best to present him ‘perfectly’, hence the title of the piece. I enjoyed drawing the shiny boots and English saddle, as well as showing the horse’s collection and the soft cadence of his gait.

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