On this page you will find an archived collection of horse drawing and paintings by Annette Randall. The horses and other subjects in this collection are just for your viewing enjoyment and are not for sale, as all of them are sold. Most of the works were commissioned and we would like to share them with you. Each piece of artwork represents a time-intensive effort by the artist to create the detailed effect that the client was looking for. Annette doesn’t accept as many commissions now as she is focusing more on creating art that comes from her own inspiration. The following are just a few of the many paintings and drawings she has created over the last few years.

commission your own horse drawing or painting!

If you are interested in having a commissioned drawing or painting done, please contact the artist using the "contact us" link on the left side of this page (or any page). You can also go to the FAQ page (coming soon!) that details the commission agreement.

A commissioned painting or drawing is a great way to remember a beloved horse, dog or other pet that you loved but has moved to greener pastures. You can also request a commission for  people in the drawing, such as the person standing next to their horse, or holding their pet, etc., or even in an action scene, such as herding cows, riding their horse, or any pose you want. All that is needed are high quality photos for me to work from.


Making The Catch
Pencil, 18 x 14"
Do Ya Think He'll Eat Us?
Pencil, 14 x 17"
To The Wire
Pencil, 11 x 15"
basketball player art - Taking The Shot
Taking The Shot
Pencil, 17 x 14"
sports drawings - The Snowboarder
The Snowboarder
Pencil 12 x 9"
Pencil, 20 x 16"
Pole Bender
Pencil 19 x 15"
football player drawing - The Quarterback
The Quarterback
Pencil 17 x 14"
James And His Cars
Pencil 19 x 14"
The Sandbox
Pencil 17 x 14"
Bet On The Gray
Pencil 19 x 14"


Oil, 30 x 20"
Sporting Dog Art
Oil, 24 x 30"
Feeding Time
Mixed Media, 12 x 20"
Pasture Pals
Oil, 24 x 30"
8 Seconds
Oil, 12 x 20"
The Delivery
Oil, 22 x 28"
Oil, 20 x 30"
Oil, 18 x 24"
Oil, 24 x 30"
Mixed Media, 12 x 18"
Makin' Cash
Oil, 24 x 30"
Oil, 16 x 20"
Phil's Mares
Oil, 20 x 32"
Return To Camp
Oil, 24 x 28"

The Old Massey Feguson
Oil, 20 x 32"

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