Horse pencil drawing – "Let’s Go Home"

Let's Go Home by Annette Randall
pencil, 16 x 16 inches ©2014

ORIGINAL - 26 x 26 Framed               $2500

Giclée print on Fine Art paper
Limited edition of 300 S/N

16 x 16" signed and numbered            $110


The making of a horse pencil drawing

On a recent trip to Hamilton, Montana, I met up with my brother David, who is a cattle broker. He knows all the ranchers in the area and has set me up with some fine photo opportunities over the years. I’ve grown to have great respect for these tough, hard-working men and women who keep the tradition of cowboying alive and well.

They work whether it’s rain or shine, because stuff has to get done when the time calls for it or they’ll miss the window of opportunity to get hay in, brand and sort calves and turn cows out before the next thing they have to do rolls around.

Other than the ubiquitous 4-wheelers that are used for many chores, they still mostly use their saddle horses when working with cows, and many times they use their draft teams to feed with, especially in winter.

Each year they train a new crop of colts for the season, a whole string of them, and every one of them gets ridden to the bone. By the end of the summer, they’ve been taught all the basics and have learned that fighting and goofing off isn’t worth the effort, because by the end of the day they’re dog tired. They’ve learned that standing still is a great option when they’re not being asked to do something. This makes for a good saddle horse in the future.

The cowboy in this horse pencil drawing was a great model and so was his horse, a dun mare he was training. He was dressed in his daily work clothes, complete with a very cool leather cowboy hat.

He was actually an accidental model, as I happened to stop by with my brother, who is his friend, and I stood around taking photos while he brought in a nice looking herd of red angus cattle to move to a new pasture.

It was fun to watch because part of the moving process involved him pushing the herd of about 50 cows through a wide creek that was a couple of feet deep. His mare went right in, but the cows mooed and balked until finally one of them stepped in and then the whole herd followed, bellowing and holding their tails up high. They didn’t like it one bit! My brother couldn’t resist driving his jeep through the creek behind them…

The cowboy had been working cattle all day and after moving them through the creek and into the new pasture, he got off to close the barbed wire gate. I captured the moment just as he was about to get back on his horse. It had been a long day and the sun was setting. After he shut the gate and remounted, he headed his mare straight for the barn. It was like they were both saying, “it’s been a long day – let’s go home!”

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