Horse Racing Drawings - Bet On The Gray

horse racing drawings - Bet On The Gra
BET ON THE GRAY – Graphite Pencil Drawing
14 x 17 inches

Giclée print on Fine Art paper
Limited edition of 100 S/N

12 x 16" signed and numbered                $75


Horse racing drawings are an adventure in action. Trying to capture the power and speed of a horse running in a pencil drawing is challenging and rewarding if done effectively. Drawing a whole pack of them is another story. My father in law raised and trained Quarter horses for both flat track racing and chariot racing, so I saw a lot of race horses come and go over the years. I was an honor, therefore, when one of his friends, a highly successful trainer himself, asked me to do this drawing of his winning two-year-old stud colt he hoped to use as a sire if he kept up his winning streak.

This drawing was commissioned by the owner of the gray colt in the pack of two-year-olds. It was the big race of his career. He ran second for most of the race, but in the last yards he surged ahead for the win. The owner wanted me to depict the moment he made his move and passed the competition to win the race. It was exciting for me to put so many horses running in one drawing and trying to capture the intensity of the jockeys as they raced for the finish line.

I thought it was interesting to draw a secondary portrait of the colt, superimposed on the horse racing scene. It gave me a chance to put more detail into the face of the horse, because in the race scene he’s just a small part of it. This horse was just a two-year-old when I did the drawing, the dapples on his coat and the mane were a dark gray, showing off his two white socks and the white markings on his face. But as with all grays, a few years later I saw him again, and he is almost pure white, with all of the distinguishing markings he had pretty much disappeared now.