horse sketch - Out Of The Gat
OUT OF THE GATE – Graphite Pencil Drawing
16 x 22 inches

ORIGINAL - 24 x 30 " framed           $2800

Giclée print on Fine Art paper
Limited edition of 300 S/N

16” x 22” signed and numbered
12" x 16" open edition




I wanted to make a horse sketch that captures the fast action of team roping, but on a close up and personal level. Like all roping events, team roping has a lot of action packed into just a few intense seconds. “Out Of The Gate” freezes that moment in time when the horses have broken from the gate and are charging towards the steer, (see detail) the cowboys positioning their horses for the catch. The header has thrown his loop, caught the head and is jerking the rope back, in preparation for the heeler to throw his loop, hopefully setting it up to make the catch in record time and hit the pay window.

When I started this sketch, I planned to include more of the figures and the steer. Once I got drawing, it was hard not to want to put everything in there. But as I sketched it out, it became clear that for me, I wanted to put the emphasis on the horses and make them the focal point of the composition.

I did my best in this drawing to narrow down the composition to include only the essential elements; capturing the intensity and drama of the moment, refining the dynamics of the composition, and highlighting the horses as the real point of action. It was very satisfying to capture the intense expressions on their faces.


24 x 30 inches framed - $3500

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