Nativity Art - Chosen Mother of Israel

Chosen Mother of Israel by Annette Randall
pencil, 18 x 14 inches ©2017

Original - SOLD

Giclée print on Fine Art paper
Limited edition of 300 S/N


Although the original of this charcoal drawing has sold, I’m very pleased to present “Chosen Mother of Israel”, available as a 14 x 18” or 11 x 14” giclee’ print, just in time for a Christmas gift or for your personal enjoyment.

18 x 14 signed and numbered       $110

14 x 11 open edition                     $80


The Story Behind The Drawing

Nativity drawings and religious art are a new adventure for me. In a departure from my regular subject matter of Western Art, I decided to act on an invitation from a client to create a nativity drawing of Mary and baby Jesus for the upcoming holiday season. This was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up, as I have been exploring some new charcoal drawing techniques and developing my use of the human figure in future artworks. 

The result is my newest offering, “Chosen Mother of Israel”, a nativity drawing showing Mary, the blessed mother of Jesus, holding him in her arms and looking down at him as only a mother can.

Nativity art detail -
Chosen Mother of Israel

When the drawing was finished, well-known LDS musician Garth Smith called and asked me if he could put the image of ‘Chosen Mother’ on the inside cover of his latest CD, “A Sacred Christmas”. What an honor it was for me to have my drawing included with the beautiful Christmas hymn piano arrangements presented in his CD.

Not long after that, Frank Prince, owner of Prince Gallery in Logan, UT invited me to participate in his annual Nativity Art Celebration that runs through December. Imagine my surprise when less than an hour after I had delivered the drawing I got a call informing me that it had sold!

Working in charcoal was quite an interesting experience, as I have always used the pencil in my drawings. I’m excited to incorporate some of the new techniques I’ve learned into future works soon to appear here on my website. to see how this and other drawings are created, subscribe to my blog or click here. Thanks!

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