Realistic Drawings In Pencil - Part 2

I love to create realistic pencil drawings, especially when they involve horses and cowboys. Today I’m going to finish up “The Sorting Pen”. But first…

I got up this morning to draw and when I opened the blinds I saw ice covering the grass outside. During the night a pinhole leak appeared in one of our grow box water lines. By the time I found it, a fine mist of water was spraying 15 feet into the air! I had to call my husband to help me shut the water off. Ice all over and I thought the warm weather was here to stay.

Crisis averted! Now back to the drawing board.

Creating realistic pencil drawings means looking at detail

In part 1 of this post I laid out the drawing and established the major dark and light areas. It was surprisingly difficult to draw so many cows, but finally I worked my way across the paper to the fun part – the horse and cowboy!

Today I’m finishing the front half of the horse. The shadows on him continue to be a challenge. While working on the next section of fence, I see that I have problems with the horizontal poles. Logs used for corral fences aren’t ever perfectly straight, but when trying keep my pencil drawings realistic it’s important to get the details right, and I work to correct the problem.

There. The fence looks a lot better once I get the logs correctly in place. The horse is finished too. So much of his neck and face are in shadow. There’s not enough light to show much detail, but I like how the sun is hitting the planes on the horse’s face. I’m pleased with how it turned out. I start laying in the last two calves and look forward to finishing this drawing.

So much of making pencil drawings look realistic is just pushing the pencil around, adding darks and taking them out until it looks right.

THE SORTING PEN – Graphite Pencil Drawing
15 x 22 inches

Yahoo! It’s finally finished! You can see the finished drawing here. I thought you might enjoy a few close-ups of the scene. It’s tricky getting detail in a smaller drawing like this because the figures are smaller too. Here are a few close up images.

This drawing took a lot of work but it was worth the effort. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you next time!

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